Working Title

Staring at the page

Hoping for an idea

Like a

Light switch shifting from on to off

With a flick.

Wanting to be distracted by anything

looking nerdish for typing when no one else does

always wanting to belong

like a teen experiencing

peer pressure

for the

first time.

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the clouds moving across the pale blue sky, dripping rain down on my patio. My cats sleeping next to each other, butt to butt, when about two years ago they couldn't stand each other. They breathe in

Cold Rush

Time to increase down the aisle. Opening up to something else that I can't see, to feel the assault of love slap me in the face.


Expressions formed on my flesh leaving being bruised marks, carried out of my sight. Sly smiles creep up my legs causing a handicap, crumbling me to the ground.

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