Yes there still will a poem today but I have some exciting news.

I am now on Patreon. There is a button on this website but for some reason I can’t seem to get it work…love technology right?

Anyway! The name for Patreon is Chaotically Small Poetry.

There are 6 different tiers so there is something for everyone! I am so incredibly grateful to each person who read my poetry and enjoys it, or not. I’m happy either way.



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Get better, but don't mess up.

The opponent is on the other end of the room, staring at me, waiting for me to fuck up, so they can substitute me out, for a worker that gets joy out of the little things, who never missed a beat and


When future knocks on my door, it emphasizing the growth I have taken the staircase that never stop going. Forever growing and in either direction.


the clouds moving across the pale blue sky, dripping rain down on my patio. My cats sleeping next to each other, butt to butt, when about two years ago they couldn't stand each other. They breathe in

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