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The Middle Child

Someone once told me that it is nice to come from a big family.

Well, they must be an only child because living with a big family sucks.

Being the “middle” child of four girls is hard.

Not just on the parents, but on the girls as well.

Being starved for attention from the parents

hoping you stick out enough that you’re not just the other kid that everyone forgets about.

Trying to do anything to set you apart from the other three

is like climbing a mountain with no equipment.

Because as much as you want to be different from the others

deep down you really want to be just like them.

That means sometimes sacrificing who you are

to bond with the other three.

It feels like shaving off pieces of yourself so everyone happy.

And since you are the “middle” child

you want everyone to be happy

even if that means losing parts of yourself in the process.


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