So-called real name

When I was a child, I hated my name.

A common name for many girls in my class.

The running joke in my head

was there was always another girl with my name.

A girl more popular, more outgoing, more friendly.

For a long while I was thinking of changing my name before I got to college

a new persona to help disguise my trama.

A place where no one knows me— over 1000 miles away.

This was my escape for many years,

wishing I had the courage to switch my name to be something more unique.

I soon realized that it would be pain to change my name,

and I would have to bury my old self in the backyard where I grew up.

I have come to accept my common name.

Taking pride in it.

It being cool that many of my family members (myself included),

have the same initials.

I am in a secret club forever,

and I am grateful

I didn't change my name.

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