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Millennial to Baby Boomer: A conversation

Stop buying avocados and buy a house

If only it was that simple

To, save and spend

Like the 1980’s

When the economy was roaring

Loud like a lion

But now it’s dead as a dodo

Hoping not to move home


Rent overdue

Bills stacking up

Struggling to stay afloat

Why aren’t you buying diamonds?

Because I like to eat


I need to pay rent

I need to pay student loans

From the

School that was supposed to get me a job in my field

But now I am in underwater

Drowned by the collection agency.

Wishing for a life boat

 Just get a job to pay off the loans!

I already work two jobs

Two that I am overqualified for.

Two that I hate but must endure.

Two that, without

I would suffocate.

Waiting in line for a job I am too skilled for

Waiting in line with 20 other people

To flip burgers

And hoping it pays minimum wage.

Because even $7.25 an hour is still money

You are just lazy and entitled.

Lazy no. Entitled maybe.

But who raised me?

Who taught me to expect the best out of life?

Who gave me the tools I use today to make me entitled?


You taught me.

You showed me.

You raised me.

 Don’t blame others for your problems. Just get up and stop complaining.

I am not blaming

But you are to blame

For fucking up the world

In every way shape and form

From the environment

To the economy.

That was all you.

And now I am charged with

A verdict of guilty with no trial.

But I am innocent.

I was just born into this

I had no say in this.

I am just floating.

Hoping to stay afloat.


I am not complaining.

I am rising.

Trying to undo all of what you have done.

Trying to make it whole again.

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