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A glance, wondering what she is doing. No eye contact, because she is focused, on what I don’t know. Squished in her chair concentrating on her life.

A peek of youth runs through my my mind. Reminding me of my inexperience. She looks up as I look away. Never knowing, I exist or that she is immortalized in a poem.


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Overwhelming myself with goals to complete in a day, when in reality, I can barely bring myself to get out of bed. It pulls me with it's chains, wanting me to stay there forever. Never letting me go t


inspired by "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac music has a way of resurfacing through the years, connecting to different generations, showing people they are not alone. Bands that my dad loved as a teenager, I

Chemical Reaction

breaking down bits of myself, dissolving like baking soda when it reacts to vinegar. I am weak. I am small. Taking in every insult and accepting it as truth. Drowing, and being washed away with cold w

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