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I am me

I am a triangle with two even sides and one odd one

I am a private jet with beds and a pool with a full bar

I am a 7-layer dip with refried beans that taste like the Cinco de Mayo

I am a red brick house that has a frayed tire swing in the backyard

the blue shutters have been worn with time,

the egg-shell door with painted finger prints from years past

I am a weeping willow because it is okay to be sad

I am the strong red planet that had many stories to share

I am a graceful giraffe that gallops across the grasslands,

free as a bird

I am a small child who has lost their parents in a department store

hoping to find them before they leave without me

I am a kitchen table with love initials carved into the light brown wood

I am charismatic with a dash wanderlust

I am the person you approach to when the drama of life comes

I Am Me.

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