Healing with Unconditional Love

You were like a breath of fresh air

When you came into my life

I was just starting High School

New school

New rules

New people

New me

Or something.

We got to know each other with the hour allotted by the school board







At my darkest times

Hiding from the world in the bathroom




(you always are).

Leaving for college was the toughest thing I had to do

Because I knew you would not understand

But our bond is Unbreakable.

When I would come home you would go through three phases:

1: Confusion

Confusion from the fact that you did not remember me.

You would not let me near you

Or touch you.

That was the worst

Lasting one day.

2: Anger

Anger from me leaving you.

Anger from me not being able to take you with me.

Anger from lack of attention.

Lasting five days.

3: Love


Finally understanding that I love you

And you love me.

Knowing who I am.

Missing me from leaving you.


By that time

I needed to leave

and the cycle would continue.


I took you with me to my new apartment

You made new friends

New memories

And never continued the cycle again.

You are my kindred spirit

You know me better than I know myself


That is amazing

I just hope someday

That I find that in a


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