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Daily Life

For me it’s showering

Weeks go by

And no one notices

My hair pulled back with grease


Because I don’t have the energy to care.

Wanting to have clean hair

But the thought of





Is devastating.

And I hate battling




I’m in a boxing ring

Unprepared when my opposition enters

Coming in at staying in bed until 5pm and canceling plans


And the bell rings and I am knocked out cold

In one punch.

Instead of fighting

I give in.

Lay there defeated

Let Depression stand over me tall in triumph

when the ref calls them


Sometimes I win

But not often enough.

I try and gather as much energy to wash my hair

Saying all I must accomplish today is


For normal people

This poem may seem gross and over dramatic

But this is the real part of depression no one wants to talk about.

It’s not just being sad.

It’s not just sleeping.

It’s having no energy to do anything

Not even live.

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