Animals of Family

Brother bear makes the heart throb

Sister snake makes the head sore

Mother mouse makes the stomach full

Father ferret makes the arms happy

Grandma goose makes the ears understand

Grandfather gorilla makes the eyes see the truth

Aunt antelope makes the hair crazy

Uncle unicorn makes the legs run

Cousin cat makes the back tender

Nephew narwhal makes the fingers dance

Niece nightingale makes the mouth sing

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the clouds moving across the pale blue sky, dripping rain down on my patio. My cats sleeping next to each other, butt to butt, when about two years ago they couldn't stand each other. They breathe in

Cold Rush

Time to increase down the aisle. Opening up to something else that I can't see, to feel the assault of love slap me in the face.


Expressions formed on my flesh leaving being bruised marks, carried out of my sight. Sly smiles creep up my legs causing a handicap, crumbling me to the ground.

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