an announcement

Hello everyone!

As some of you may or may not have noticed, I have changed my writing schedule around since creating this blog trying to figure out what works for me and my lifestyle. Unfortunately, unlike a regular job, writing is not something that can fit into a "write this day or else" schedule or for me at least. It is extremely taxing on my creativity and love of writing to force myself to write something worth posting twice a week. As of right now, I will only be posting when inspiration hits. This may be once a week or once a month. I know my writing is a source of comfort and safety for a lot of you so I will not be taking down any pieces, instead all of the posts on the blog will now have no subscription need to view. My writing has always been a place of comfort for me and after doing it for "work" for about two years, it has become more of a chore and my writing has suffered from that. Thank you to everyone who has commented, shared, liked, or messaged me. You truly have no idea how much that has helped me in this process. I wish everyone the very best and remember that sometimes taking a step back and remembering why you love something is best.

Much love

Emily G (c.s.p.)

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