As she walked up the stairs, keys in hand shaking because she knew what lies beyond the door.

Turning the keys. a bead of sweat rolls down her face into her bra.

Nervous, she opens the door knowing that she will be naked, pinned on the floor, blooded by them.

Night after night, She wonders if this is hell. But the devil is not someone who you love.

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When future knocks on my door, it emphasizing the growth I have taken the staircase that never stop going. Forever growing and in either direction.


the clouds moving across the pale blue sky, dripping rain down on my patio. My cats sleeping next to each other, butt to butt, when about two years ago they couldn't stand each other. They breathe in

Cold Rush

Time to increase down the aisle. Opening up to something else that I can't see, to feel the assault of love slap me in the face.

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